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As a strategist, Dr. McDonald saw the need to advance the Kingdom of God through Chaplaincy. She then partnered with Chaplain Dr. Dudley Mayers and launched Global Chaplaincy Center, Bahamas on October 25, 2019 in response to the growing need for spiritual support in the various sectors of the community: Family, Religion, Education, Government, Business, Media, Arts and Entertainment.

What We Believe

Practical Theology:  Chaplains should have a clear understanding of the Word of God, and be skillful in the application of practical principles derived from His Word.

Character Training & Development: Chaplains require a love for God, His Word and His people and a commitment to the highest level of moral and ethical living.

Communication/Listening Skills: Chaplains need to demonstrate highly honed communication and listening skills and be able to effectively and efficiently use their unique spiritual gifts to access situations and help people.

Leadership Training & Development: Chaplains need to be available, accessible and willing to sacrifice time, energy, and money to supply spiritual support where it is needed within their community regardless of the sphere of personal influence.

Blessing Ambassadors: Chaplains must become skillful Blessing Ambassadors who intentionally look for opportunities to share the gift of their words to transform lives and culture.

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