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Are you ready to start your journey as a member of the Global Chaplaincy Center Network?

As a member of the Global Chaplaincy Center Network, you will receive a Certificate and ID Badge that demonstrates their commitment to providing support, counsel, and care to those in need.

Your membership also provides you with full access to a Global Connection ,which includes networking, resources, career information, continuing education units, workshops, and a connection with like-minded individuals. 

The Global Chaplaincy Center Network provides additional certifications, trainings, and other diverse credentials to prepare our Chaplains for additional careers and other opportunities. 

Steps To Joining The Global Chaplaincy Center Network


Step 1

Application Process

  • Complete an Application 

  • Complete Background Check

  • 3 Letters of Recommendations 


Step 2

Course Work & Training


  • Complete required course work Pay Course fee 


Step 3

Written Examination 

  •  Score at least a 70% on the written exam  


Step 4

Receive Credentials & Membership 

  • Approved applicants will receive their membership credentials 

Cost: $1,000.00 (US)

***Cost includes the $350.00 for Chaplaincy Training Institute Course***

To Request a payment plan, please contact

Once you become a member, the GCC Network offers many exciting benefits and additional training opportunities!

Global Connections

GCC provides our chaplains with access to employment resource, global connections, and opportunities to network with likeminded individuals throughout the world.


Join the GCC Family as we strengthen our knowledge and skills as chaplains. Attend diverse learning sessions, hear keynote addresses, and connect with colleagues.


Participate in diverse courses and trainings to enhance your skills as a chaplain. Examples of Certifications and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may include, but not limited to: Trauma, Child & Family Advocates.


GCC offers a variety of workshops/training to provide GCC Chaplains with diverse tools to gain new skills. Examples of workshops may include, but not limited to: Understanding Poverty, Skills for Healthy Families, Building Communities.  

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